Straighten Teeth Without Braces

Straighten Teeth Without Braces 

Due to the recent technology and digitization of most industries you can now straighten your teeth without braces.

You can now straighten your teeth without braces in less than 3 months for normal cases. It is more cost effective than braces and saves one the hassle and embarassement of the metal braces showing in your mouth. We have the latest technology as Dr Huson spends alot of time updating his qualifications and going on several courses regularly at the same time he has worked in the Harley Street Region of London in the UK where he dealt with many celebrities and perfected the art of shaping and making teeth look as natural and straight as possible. We also have an in house lab that helps with designing your teeth so that you can straighten  you teeth without braces quickly

There are three methods in order to straighten your teeth without braces.

The first method is Dental Veneers. This is the quickest method as it can take less than 3 weeks to get done. So if you have less time on your hands and would like to straighten your teeth quickly then veneers is the way to go. 

The second method is clear braces (Inman Aligner or Invisalign). This might take around 6 to 12 weeks or more for normal procedures and visits every 2 weeks to the dentist to tighten the mouth guard. This is also a quicker solution to straighten your teeth rather than traditional braces. Although the disadvantage is that it takes longer than dental veneers to get your teeth straightened and more time consuming with additional visits to the dentist. When the dentist analyses your teeth he needs to see if this procedure can be done on your teeth as this procedure can only straighten your teeth and not correct a strong overbite.  

inman 8

Inman aligner treatment

The third method is the traditional braces - this method is the most costly method and you will most probably need to wear braces for over 2 years in order to get your teeth straightened. The look with metal braces in your mouth is also NOT aesthetically pleasing.

The fastest and most cost effective method of the three is Dental Veneers.  Below is a method of both dental veneers and the clear aligner that was used on a recent patient @silveroaksdentalclinic.

straighten teeth without braces 4

When Sinothando came to us she wanted a quick solution to her long term problem and that was to reduce the gaps between her teeth and get them straightened without any long procedures such as braces. She also had peg laterals. In dentistry this refers to an anomly affecting her lateral teeth (Upper second Inscisors) causing her teeth to look abnormally small and cone shaped compared to being rectangular in shape.

straighten teeth

straighten teeth 2

The solution for sinothando was simple orthodontics to pull the two front teeth together thereby straightening them without braces. Veneers were made to reshape the lateral teeth, again it was a solution to straighten teeth without braces.

She also had minimal surgery called a Frenectomy to relax the muscle in her upper lip which causes the formation of the huge gap in the middle of her teeth. The biggest advantage of Sinothando's procedure is that she didnt loose any tooth structure. Sinoathando loves her new teeth and loves to take photographs of herself showing of her new look. Her family say it has made her look more sophisticated and neat. We are very happy that we have helped her regain her confidence.

straighten teeth without braces