Dental Implant Quotes

Dental Implant Quotes 

dental implant quotes


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You will be suprised at how cost effective Dental Implant quotes are even with internationally recognised manufacturers when you take into account the the long term affordability and high quality of life that you will lead. 

If two patients were to come in and get their teeth analysed and have a CBCT scan they both will leave with two different treatment plans and quotes. Dental implant quotes depend on a number of factors, the number of implants one needs, the bone you have in your jaw as well as the shape and structure of the person's teeth. It also depends on the manufacturer that the patient chooses. We work with the top three dental implant manufacturers that are internationally recognised i.e Straumann, Nobelbiocare and Megagen. 

If you get cheap dental implant quotes that are to good to be true.... You know what they say you get what you pay for. Dental Implants have to be done by specialists like Dr Roy Richard-Huson. Dr Huson is a dental surgeon and specialist in dental implants. He has a specialist qualification from the University of Cambridge. Dr Huson also uses the best manufacturers at the best possible price. At the end of the day inserting dental implants is an operation that deals with the nervous system. Only an expert should be inserting dental implants with several years of experience and expertise.

The true cost of alternatives: 

When you first look at your dentures or bridges quote compared to a dental implant quote you will be pleasantly surprised at the dentures/bridges quote. The full costs both financial and emotional is much higher in the long term when going ahead with a dental implant quote. 

Initial Cost Vs Total Costs - Dentures require you to change them every 5 years with a dentist due to the change in bone structure and the more bone you lose the more the denture wont fit. You will also spend more money on fixatures and adhesives with dentures. The American Academy of Dentistry suggests people get dental implants rather than dentures health wise so that you can maintain the positioning your jaw and keep the bone in your mouth. Dental implants allow one to keep the bone. It is the healthiest option possible.

The Convienience Costs - Dental Implants are very convienient from an emotional perspective. You will never have to be scared of your implants falling off unlike dentures and you dont have to clean your implants or soak them over night in a container. Dentures can come off when you laugh or chew and eat. 

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A recent implant case above where a patient came from Saudi Arabia to see Dr Roy Richard-Huson.  He came to us hoping to get the smile he always dreamed of and needed to have it done professionally.  He felt very embarassed to smile and very uncomfortable when he use to eat. His dentures would fall out and felt very embarrased. He lost most of his teeth over the years and the ones that he had were broken. Klaus had several implants done at Silver Oaks Dental Clinic. Dr Huson first took before pics so he could analyse Klaus's  teeth using Digital Smile Design. Custom made models were designed for Klaus by on our on-site lab. With just 3-4 appointments Klaus was a new person with a brand new set of teeth. He was very happy as he could bite and chew and live happily again. He also says alot more women have been looking at him as he looks much younger! 

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