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The Best Dental Implants currently in the market and used in top US and UK practices are Nobel Biocare, MegaGen, Straumann and Dentsply Sirona (MIS CI implants)

You will have to chat to your dentist as he knows the best ones suited for your teeth specifically for your procedure. These brands are recommended as they are internationally recognised so if you do lose a crown it is easy to find a part to fit. You don’t have to re-do the entire procedure again like people do if they do not have internationally certified parts. Once again your dentist knows best so discuss various options with him.

MIS Implants

The company was acquired by Dentsply Sirona in 2018, and has good quality implants which we have used on several patients with a great success rate. They are one of the best dental implants on the market.


MegaGen has grown largely in the US in recent years. Originally a South Korean brand and several thousand implants were placed in South Korea with a huge success rate before it exploded internationally. Also a high success rate and highly recommended currently due to the technology and fit. They are rated highly as one of the best dental implants on the market.

Nobel Biocare

Nobel Biocare is also one of the world renowned dental implant brands. They have spent over 65 years researching and developing dental implants. Although expensive it might be worth it if you do have the budget.


Straumann is also one of the world leaders in dental implants. They perform well in the U.S. dental implant fixture, final abutment and instrument kits markets. A German company that focuses on accuracy and quality. Although expensive should you have the budget it is also an option. In 2015, the company purchased Neodent, Brazil’s leading implant company. Like Nobel Biocare they focus on innovation.

See picture above a patient that used one of the best dental implants from the above list and has received tremendous results.

Our case of the month is Sheagini had her sons wedding to attend. Such an exciting and nerve wrecking time for the mother-in-law to be. To put her best foot forward she approached Silver Oaks Dental Clinic for a smile makeover.

Dr Huson's solution for her teeth included a combination of braces, veneers and dental Implants in order to correct her bite and give her a beautiful smile. 

This first step involved Sheagini's active participation. After Dr Huson analysed her teeth he went over possible options with regards to her desired look. Sheagini explained to Dr Huson the result that she wanted. Photos and models of her teeth were then taken.

Teeth cleaning and teeth whitening were carried out first by our thorough and accurate oral hygienist. After wearing braces to sort out her protrusion, Dr Huson then prepared Sheagini's  teeth for dental veneers. Guided templates and stents were used to ensure that the absolute minimal enamel were removed from Sheagini's tooth surface. (Often as little as 0.1 millimeters or often none at all). Dr Huson then removed any evidence of decay and carefully shaped the teeth to correct any chips or gaps. Before trimming of the enamel Dr Huson discussed the various pain free options with her.. Dr Huson then made a model or impression of Sheagini's teeth.

The model was then sent to our onsite lab technicians, who custom made the dental veneers. After a few days Sheagini came back to get the veneers fitted. In the meantime, Dr Huson gave her temporary veneers. These temporary dental veneers match the planned final dental veneers. The reason why we do this is so you can see if you like the fit and feel and ask family and friends for their opinions on the aesthetics of your teeth. 

Sheagini came in again to our clinic where bonding was carried out before the dental veneers were permanently cemented to her teeth, Dr Huson temporarily placed the veneers so that Sheagini could examine the fit and color. Slight adjustments were made at this stage because we have an onsite lab. Next, Dr Huson prepared the teeth to receive the veneers, the teeth were cleaned, polished, and etched -- which roughens the teeth to allow for a strong bonding process. A special cement was applied to the veneer and the veneer was then placed on Sheagini's tooth. Once properly positioned on the tooth, Dr Huson applied a special light beam to the dental veneer, which activates chemicals in the cement, causing it to harden or cure very quickly. The final steps involved removing any excess cement, evaluating Sheagini's bite and making any final adjustments in the veneer as necessary.  Sheagini then came in for a checkup to see if the veneers had taken to his teeth.

Sheagini is extremely happy with the outcome. She is extremely confident to attend her son's wedding and she cannot wait to show her friends and family. Her treatment gave her a more youthful appearance and lifted her happiness to a different level. We are so grateful to have been a part of her journey.

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