COVID - 19 has no fighting chance at Silver Oaks Dental Clinic

Hope you are all well and healthy as we enter mid-winter. Temperatures are plummeting into the minus and it doesn’t feel like the year has even started with everything that is going on in the world right now.I am sure just like us, you are all getting used to the new norm and way of living.

One of the many things most of us have been putting off till after the lockdown is dental appointments. We understand your fears of having to remove your mask and open your mouth outside of your home.

The question is, what if it’s an emergency or a broken tooth, pain, discomfort or an upcoming dental implant appointment?

The good news is that we are now fully operational.  Our team’s constant sterilization efforts assures that you are completely safe in our environment.

We might take a little longer than usual to get through a normal day with all the Covid 19 protocols in place. Our aim is to keep you as safe as possible while you are here.

The virus mainly travels through your mouth and nose so mouth rinsing with an effective solution is very important. When you come in to see the doctors, we require you to rinse your mouth with a special mouth rinse that contains iodine. Please inform us if you are allergic to iodine and we will give you an alternative.

We all know this virus weakens our immune systems and with a weakened immunity we are more susceptible to gum diseases and gingivitis. Now may be a good time to visit the hygienist for a cleaning.While staying indoors was fun for some, it also proved to be very difficult for many. If you had been affected negatively by this COVID – 19 pandemic our thoughts are with every single one of you during this trying time.We will take care of all your dental needs safely so there is one less thing for you to worry about.

Click on the link to view our new fogging system:

COVID - 19 has no fighting chance at Silver Oaks Dental Clinic! 

We are using a special fogging system as part of our promise to keep you safe in this environment. This ensures that every nook and cranny is Covid-free! 

We have added a little humor to this months newsletter just to demonstrate how awesome the fogging system is. We had enormous fun doing this and stretched our dancing skills to the limit!

We use a special solution in the machine to sterilize the air and this reaches every part of our rooms and equipment. This is done daily so that we can start the next day disease free!

This is just one of the many protocols we use to ensure we are doing what we can to #stopthespread.

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