The Cost of Dental Implants in South Africa

We have long been told that we only get one set of permanent teeth and it has to be properly taken care of to last a lifetime. Often times, this is not the case and due to many circumstances teeth will be lost or removed during one’s life. Luckily, dental implants are around to solve this dilemma. Together with a combination of a screw and crown, a lost tooth can be replaced. They are one of the most expensive treatments in dentistry along with one of the most invasive. Unlike most cosmetic treatments though, they do not only serve an aesthetic improvement to the mouth but are functional as well, making them a necessity. Let’s take a look at what exactly they are and the cost of dental implants in South Africa.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants basically take the place of the root of a tooth, once it is gone. They provide the foundation for an attachment. This attachment is a dental crown which has all the functions and looks of a real tooth. Several factors leads to a person losing their teeth like

  • Injury- a tooth can be injured to the point of no repair such as in the case of a deep crack. In this case, a dentist has no option but to remove the tooth.
  • Decay- is a leading cause of trips to the dentist. Usually fixed by dental fillings, if the decay has been left without professional intervention, it will eat its way into the entire tooth.
  • Gingivitis- is when bacteria makes its way into the gum area. Tooth loss occurs when this bacteria destroys the tissue around the tooth.

The cost of dental implants in South Africa allows for people to get a permanent replacement tooth without having to first sell an arm and a leg. A single dental implant can be set into the mouth. Previously the only option to a missing tooth was to have a dental bridge placed over it. With the cost of dental implants in South Africa being what is, a person who has lost all of their teeth can also be able to afford to replace the lot. The previous solution to this scenario was to be fitted for dentures. These are not a permanent solution as they are removable. Dental implants are a permanent addition to the mouth and with proper care can last for a lifetime. Dental implants may be expensive but come with the following benefits.

  • Maintenance will be the recommended norm of brushing, flossing and twice yearly dentist visits. They last a lifetime if these are adhered to, meaning no replacements such as with dentures.
  • There is the ability to speak better without the worry of dentures falling out or having an ill-fitting one making your words unclear.
  • The appearance is much more natural since they are fixed into your mouth. It is much more comfortable since it is bonded into your jaw. Dentures slide out of position and can make eating quite uncomfortable.
  • Facial features are kept intact and will not droop as much since the implant is there to provide some support.
  • The implant also provides support to the bone where the tooth had previously been. Without this tooth, the bone can lose its strength and deteriorate. Dental implants help prevent this bone loss.

The process of getting dental implants requires several steps, done over a period of months. Once the dentist accesses that the patient is a candidate and has a healthy mouth, the titanium screw can be placed into the bone socket. An incision is necessary here and can be done through local anaesthesia or through conscious sedation. It will take several weeks for the implant to become securely attached to the jaw and will depend on the healing capacity of each patient. Once secure, a connector will be attached to the implant. Its purpose is to hold the crown in place. The crown is the final step of the implant process. A custom crown is designed to be fitted onto the implant.

The Cost of Dental Implants in South Africa

The cost of dental implants in South Africa is very affordable as compared to doing the same procedure in the UK, USA, Canada or Australia. It costs almost half the price and you are getting a wonderful holiday in the sun. Replacing a tooth with an artificial one may seem like a futuristic treatment that would eat away at your bank account but this is surprisingly not the case. The cost of dental implants in South Africa lies with many factors and a final figure can only be given once a dentist accesses the mouth and lays out a plan of action. Prices start from R8000 per tooth at Silver Oaks Dental Clinic.

Locals will find the cost of dental implants in South Africa quite within reach. If not the case, then a payment plan can be put into place to make the cost of dental implants in South Africa easier on the pocket.

The cost of dental implants in South Africa is not just comparable with international prices but significantly lower. With the exchange rates, many overseas patients find that the cost of dental implants in South Africa is attainable at a bargain price. The country is a famed spot for plastic surgery treatments. People get the same results at the highest quality at a fraction of the price that they would pay back home. Cosmetic dentistry is joining this rank. There is not much down time in recovering after getting dental implants so a lot more time can be spent roaming the beautiful country? The low cost of dental implants in South Africa means you can extend your budget into a longer trip and tour that much more. 

Lower pricing is not to say that you will not have access to the best dental professionals around. South Africa continually produces world class medical experts and the dentists are no exception. At Silver Oaks, our new offices boast state of the art facilities. We even have our own on-site lab to perfect your smile. Dr Roy Huson has had placed in excess over 500 dental implant treatments all with excellent results.cost of dental implants in South Africa