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Case of the Month - January 2017

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For most of us we are never really born with perfect teeth. There is always that one tooth that needs straightening or a few that are not white enough. Add in a few gaps or some overlapping teeth and we become very conscious of our smiles. This makes alot of people very shy and embarrassed to smile which inevitably lowers one’s self confidence around friends, colleagues and spouses. There's nothing wrong with a little blush here and there combined with neat combed hair and a lovely set of pearly whites as you would always want your spouse to look at you and feel attracted. We always try and make our patients look the best versions of themselves such as this case with Lashe.

Lashe had overlapping, crowded teeth and was unhappy with her smile. She didn’t like the colour of her teeth and because she is a model she had many photo shoots and therefore needed to smile all the time. She travels around the world and didn't have time for a long procedure like braces. Like many of you when Lashe came in she was very apprehensive about dental treatment. The thought of pain associated with the dentist made her feel very uneasy. The huge benefit behind Dental Veneers is that it is quick and pain free. We whitened her teeth first bleaching both the top and bottom. Dr Huson advised that when she smiled we could mainly see her top teeth. So we didn't do Veneers on the lower set of teeth and only did whitening on Lashe's lower teeth. She had a very broad smile which meant Veneers went across her smile. Dr Huson designed her smile on the computer with models in wax first. Dr Huson then made temporary Veneers which she wore to see if she liked them. When she was happy with the temporary ones we replicated that into the final permanent version. Lashe came back for another appointment were we fitted and cemented the Veneers using a resin cement. Her teeth were prepared using custom made templates which ensured the minimal amount of tooth loss. Lashe was very happy with the results and the transformation was dramatic and immediate. That is the huge benefit of Dental Veneers in that it is quick and cost effective as compared to braces and doesn't require months of adjustment appointments. The entire process takes 2-3 visits. 

Dr Huson has placed in excess 1000 Veneers and has worked under celebrity dentist Dr Joe Oliver in the Harley Street region of London. You are guaranteed work that is of the highest quality. Whether you have gaps, overcrowded, deep stained or misshapen teeth, Dental Veneers can be an excellent and conservative way of correcting your smile.