Dental Veneers Case Study

Case of the Month September 2020 - Smile Makeover 

Before After Navin

Our case of the month for August 2020 is Navin. Navin was very nervous and scared of the dentist when he first came in to meet Dr Huson. With the latest technology offered at Silver Oaks Dental Clinic we put Navin's mind at ease and Dr Huson discussed various pain free options. Navin decided to go with Intravenous Sedation (IV Sedation) as well as Nitrous Oxide Sedation (happy gas)

Navin had tooth decay, various gaps and worn down teeth. His treatment plan included Crowns, Veneers and 5 Dental Implants. This was used in order to correct his bite and perfect his smile.

Navin was given temporary Crowns to test the new positions and function of his teeth. This was also given so that he had a chance to approve the new look before the final ones were made.
His smile makeover created such optimism and confidence that Navin decided to Improve his health and well being by losing weight and quit smoking.

Dr Huson has placed in excess 1500 Veneers and 1200 Dental Implants - all with excellent results. He has worked under celebrity dentist Dr Joe Oliver in the Harley Street region of London. You are guaranteed work that is of the highest quality using the latest technology with a money-back guarantee.

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