Simple Guide to Mouth Rinsing

Oral Hygiene Tip - Mouth Rinsing 

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Brushing and flossing are the best ways to avoid oral health issues like gingivitis. If you add mouthwash into the equation you’re set for success. Mouthwash is an effective tool in the fight against tooth decay, gingivitis, as well as the promotion of healthy teeth and gums.

What mouthwash Should I Use 500

Our Oral Hygienist Maggy reccomends that you use the following three non-alcohol mouthwashes: Listerine Zero, Colgate Totalcare and Treet It Tea Tree Oil Mouth Wash. You can buy this at Silver Oaks Dental Clinic or any Clicks or Dischem store. 

You are welcome to call us to book your teeth cleaning appointment with our Oral Hygienist.

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