Teeth Whitening Durban

Teeth Whitening Durban Debunked 

I cannot tell you how much of misinformation there is on the web especially on Youtube with tutorials teaching you on how to whiten your teeth ‘naturally’ or at home recipes using baking soda, coconut oil or strawberries. These are strongly discouraged by a dentist as this will erode your teeth in the long term and damage your gum tissue.
Many people are looking to whiten their teeth as white teeth is associated with good oral hygiene and research has shown that straight, white teeth can make you look 10 years younger. Bright, white teeth are no longer only for Hollywood celebrities. It is now affordable for the average population. They say first impressions last and whitening your teeth increases your confidence and can make you look amazing on your wedding day, increase your business sales and can even get you your dream job.
Professional Teeth whitening is a process to lighten the colour of your teeth from yellow or grey to a whiter and brighter shade. There are two types of teeth whitening procedures in Durban. Tray based teeth whitening and LED/Laser teeth whitening. We use a combination of tray and laser based in order to safely and effectively whiten your teeth.
You can lighten your teeth up to 9 shades whiter with our teeth whitening system called Polar Night. We use lower doses of carbamide to decrease sensitivity so that you don’t experience any pain. Teeth Whitening in Durban should be done under the supervision of a dentist. Our teeth whitening procedure is also much more effective than any home teeth whitening system and is more cost effective than any professional or home teeth whitening system in the long term. We offer the highest quality in dentistry and all our products and services meet European Standards.

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Some quick Facts about Teeth Whitening in Durban

• It is reccomended that  you whiten your teeth if you are 20 years or older. We don’t recommend teeth whitening for younger individuals as their enamel is still forming.
The most effective teeth whitening procedure in Durban is getting it professionally done by a dentist. It is also the safest procedure. At home teeth whitening kits or alternatives such as baking soda, swishing your mouth in coconut oil, brushing with crushed strawberries are all highly dangerous for your teeth and leads to erosion of your enamel in the long term. These methods can also damage your gums.
• Whilst teeth whitening toothpaste and whitening gum has some whitening chemicals in them they are far too weak to have an effect.
Do NOT mouth rinse with hydrogen peroxide. This is extremely dangerous and can cause free radicals. The same radicals that age tissue.
The strongest whitening gel is NOT the most effective method. If you whiten your teeth in one session you will increase the sensitivity and experience severe pain in your teeth. That is why we use lower doses of carbamide over a longer period of time. It is the most effective in the long term as it keeps your teeth white.
To main a healthy, brighter, clean smile in the long term it is important to get your teeth cleaned by an oral hygienist every 6 months.
•Even after whitening your teeth it is best to avoid foods that discolour your teeth such as curry, red wine and coffee. The best method is to drink cool drinks and other stain enhancing foods via a straw.
Fillings, crowns and veneers cannot be whitened. Only your natural teeth can.
•Once whitened, teeth will not stay white forever. The colour change is permanent but the aging process still continues that is why touch up’s are needed in order to maintain white teeth. That is another reason we use the custom tray method. It is the most effective method in the long term and the most affordable method. You will not need to repeat the entire procedure again which will cost you more money in the long term. You just need the top up gels that cost R135 each.

Medical aid will not pay for any teeth whitening procedure. It is seen as a cosmetic procedure. 

teeth whitening durban


Cost of teeth Whitening Durban

Cost of Teeth Whitening 

Brushing, flossing and mouth rinsing is extremely important when it comes to maintaining oral hygiene. Even if you follow that regime consistently you will find with age that you teeth start to discolour and become more yellow. This could be due to cigarette smoking, drinking wine, eating a lot of curry or eating/drinking other teeth staining foods.

By now if you have decided to whiten your teeth you would have researched online and discovered that dental bleaching at a dentist office is the safest and most effective option. The cost of teeth whitening in Durban is very reasonable when compared to other home teeth whitening kits. The teeth whitening treatment is usually 100% more effective than home whitening kits and much more safer.You can whiten your teeth up to 9 shades lighter with our teeth whitening system. The results are much faster than any other home teeth whitening kits. Unlike at home teeth whitening kits, professional dental teeth whitening procedures are carefully monitored and contain a higher concentration of carbamide. We use stronger bleaching agents that are more effective and safe at our offices. 

Teeth Whitening

Unlike other professional teeth whitening procedures at a dentist we use lower doses of carbamide over a longer period of time (14 days) followed by a 1 hour laser session. This helps to decrease the tooth sensitivity and so that you have a painless treatment. Another huge advantage of using our teeth whitening system is that you never have to repeat the entire system again after a year. Most dentist office teeth whitening systems cost a fortune as you will need to repeat the entire process again. With our system we already created a mouth guard to fit your teeth and so you will only need to buy the teeth whitening gel which costs R135 each and you need up to two or three after the teeth bleaching process is completed 6 – 12 months later. This all depends on how much of teeth staining foods you eat as well.
The cost for teeth whitening at our offices in Durban is R3800. This includes the 14-day treatment followed by a one hour laser session. The cost of teeth whitening at our offices in Musgrave, Durban is much more reasonably priced when you compare the quality and benefits over other systems.
We offer the highest quality in dentistry. Dr Richard Huson has over 20 years of experience in the UK and worked under celebrity dentist Dr Joe Oliver in the Harley Street Region of London (where celebrities get their dental treatments). You are guaranteed work of the highest quality both in service and the products that we use. All our products meet European Standards. 

cost of teeth whitening Durban


Porcelain Crowns in South Africa

Dental Crowns South Africa 

Cosmetic imaging com

Digital Smile Design - using specialised software programs and together with our highly skilled dentist Dr Richard Huson, we are able to manipulate a photograph of your teeth into different possibilities of what certain cosmetic treatments may be able to achieve for you even before the treatment begins. This gives you a simulation of what your porcelain dental crowns may look like after treatment. Cosmetic Imaging is useful if you would want to know  "what it may look like" - or for those who struggle to picture the end result.In this picture we have shown the end result of Diane's dental crowns and what it could potentially look like. 



Porcelain Crowns in South Africa

Our Case-Of-The-Month for June is Diane. When Diane came in to see Dr Richard Huson she felt terribly embarrassed to smile and to talk. She did not like the gaps and discolouration in her front teeth on her top jaw. 
Due to her very busy work schedule and travel she could not afford to come back and forth for her treatment.She was also not sure of what the end result will look like - so in order to communicate better and make sure Diane was happy with the end result, we turned to our latest technology which was computerized Cosmetic Digital Imaging (DSD - Digital Smile Design). Diane was able to see the before and after pictures of her smile before any work was started. This enabled her too see what the end result would look like before committing to the treatment.
Our solution was then a same day smile makeover which consisted of dental crowns - A big advantage of Diane having her work done at Silver Oaks Dental Clinic was that it was done in a day with digitally scanned dental crowns. With our in house lab it was easy to make the necessary adjustments so that Diane left here extremely happy with the end result. 

Her two front teeth were crowned, re-positioned and lengthened.  We also enhanced the colour of her teeth. Her dental crown procedure took about 2 hours. 
We encourage our patients to chat to Costa and Dr Huson about their personal requirements with regards to the aesthetics of their treatment before their procedures are carried out. 

dental crowns in South AfricaWe have an excellent dental laboratory on-site with specialist technicians who work closely with us to make sure that your smile is perfect. Our "Laboratory-Artist" Costa and Juri (in the center) will create a treatment that will fit in with the shape of your face. Your dental crowns will be accurately done and aesthetically pleasing. He will always try to make your teeth look as natural as possible. Porcelain dental crowns in South Africa are much cheaper than porcelain dental crowns done in many first world countries. It is usually half the price if you compare an equal high end dental practice in the USA and UK. Dr Richard Huson has spent several years in the UK working under world renowned dentist Dr Joe Oliver. His high skill set combined with products that meet European standards make him the go to dentist. All our products are of the highest quality and we use the best manufacturers in the world that are world renowned and internationally recognised. 



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Dentist in Hillcrest

Silver Oaks Dental Clinic offers the highest quality in dentistry with the latest technology in order to perfect your smile. We are based in Musgrave, Durban, with offerings of general and well as cosmetic dentistry. We are a 20 minute drive from Hillcrest. The Silver Oaks option for a dentist in Hillcrest serves to cater to the entire family. Let’s take a further look at the services provided by Silver Oaks as an option for a dentist in Hillcrest.

General Dentistry Information - all of the materials used at our practice are sourced and imported according to the highest quality and meet European standards.

Dr Richard Huson has over 20 years of experience and worked in the UK in the Harley Street Region of London. He currently lives in Hillcrest. Our dentist in Hillcrest is always on par with the latest advancements in dental technology.
We have many options for nervous patients and patients who want a pain free, relaxing procedure. This includes Nitrous Oxide Sedation (happy gas), Intravenous Sedation, or General Anaesthetic. We use the "Wand" (pain-free injections) and have a host of other techniques which will make your experience as pleasant as possible. We are not contracted to medical aid but we do give you a code so that you can claim back from your medical aid.

Digital Dentistry - has revolutionized dentistry and in particular, the cosmetic side. Digital x-rays are offered at Silver Oaks, with the benefit of much less radiation exposure than from traditional x-ray machines. Digital dentistry also encompasses cosmetic imaging which allows our dentist to show you the various outcomes of our services before it can be performed on you. You can have a say on which you like best and the course of action can then be plotted.

Dental Implants – permanent loss of teeth is no longer something that can only be fixed with those nasty dentures. They are not very comfortable to wear and only worsen with time as the jaw bone shrinks due to lack of support. Dental implants provide permanent relief from this along with a host of other issues. Essentially, they are little pieces of titanium screws which are surgically inserted into the jaw bone. This can be done under a conscious sedation or general anaesthesia. Majority of people are candidates for implants but if a case such as weak bone density presents itself, then implants are not an option. Our option for a dentist in Hillcrest, will fully assess the situation during a consult and let you know of a treatment plan should you qualify. At this juncture we should note that dental implants are the longest and most expensive dentistry procedure. It takes over 3 months for the implant to become bonded into the bone. Once this has happened, the dentist will attach an abutment device to it. This is what the dental crown will then be attached to, and voila, you have a brand new tooth. Click here to read about more about our dental Implants: http://www.silveroaksdentalclinic.co.za/index.php/dental-treatments/dental-implants

Dental Veneers - as far as dental treatments go for cosmetic options, veneers are among the more conservative. It is not too hectic of a process to have them fitted, not much tooth structure is removed and they are cheaper than many other options. These super thin pieces of porcelain material can do wonders once they are placed on the tooth. The shape, size and colour of a tooth can be changed with a veneer. Problems such as stained, crooked or gapped teeth can therefore be fixed with veneers at the Silver Oaks option for a dentist in Hillcrest.

Dental Crowns – are used to fix up a tooth which has lost much of its structure. Cases in which they help include decay which has made its way deep into a tooth. In such an instance when removal of the decayed portion leaves a huge deduction of tooth material, crowns serves to bring back this lost structure. At the Silver Oaks option for a dentist in Hillcrest we are able to do this restoration within a day. Our onsite laboratory allows us to work closely to ensure that measurements are precise and perfectly in lined with our design. With dental crowns as well as veneers, the dentist needs to be an artist of sorts. You want that perfect smile but it also needs to look natural and complement the rest of your facial features. It is a pretty bold move putting all this into the hands of a dentist. At the Silver Oaks option for a dentist in Hillcrest, in addition to having a professional who has worked at the famed Harley Street in London, there is also the security of liaising with him and having input in the design of your dental crown through digital imaging. This is software that allows the dentist to show you the various outcomes of what crowns or even veneers can achieve for your smile. This will then be relayed into your treatment plan.

Teeth Whitening - teeth whitening is the most basic cosmetic improvement one can do for their smile. In addition to looking physically pleasant, they also bring the advantage of looking younger (since teeth do discolour as one ages) and having good hygiene. Teeth whitening is achieved over 3 visits to the Silver Oaks option for a dentist in Hillcrest. These include a combination of bleaching trays to use at home and laser at the clinic. The combination is done for the ongoing maintenance of the attained colour for a longer time. 

Teeth Straightening - for the milder cases of teeth straightening, the Silver Oaks option for a dentist in Hillcrest, offers the Inman Aligner. Straighter teeth is just 10 to 14 weeks away with this patented teeth straightening system. The length of time would depend on each patient’s circumstance. The course has proven very effective and safe within the short span of time in which it takes to work, offering great value for money. It is not a permanent attachment and can be removed if need be.

Mouth guards - are a service provided by your friendly Silver Oaks dentist in Hillcrest option. Custom made guards from the Max brand are available here. They are custom fitted so they fit perfectly over the teeth and offer better protection all while allowing for speech and breathing.

Dentist in Kloof

Just 20 minutes away from Kloof lies a world class dental office. The Silver Oaks Dental Clinic truly offers the best in dentistry today, along with outstanding patient service. This option for a dentist in Kloof offers everything from basic dental fillings to advanced cosmetic dentistry options such as Dental Implants and Veneers. The following details are what you can expect from the Silver Oaks as an option for a dentist in Kloof. Dr Richard Huson spent over 20 years in the Harley Street Region of London and has become the go to dentist when it comes to dental implants and dental veneers. He has placed in excess 500 implants and 1000 veneers all with excellent results. Click here to view our smile gallery: http://www.silveroaksdentalclinic.co.za/index.php/smile-gallery

General Dentistry

Choosing Silver Oaks for your choice as a dentist in Kloof will provide you access to the highest quality in dentistry using only the best materials that are of European standards. You won’t have any reworking on your teeth in the long term. Furthermore, we endeavour to make our patients experience as seamless, comfortable and painless as possible. To do this, we offer a choice of anaesthetic options from nitrous oxide happy gas to conscious sedation or full out general anaesthesia. We will discuss during your consult, which option would best suit you.

Cosmetic Dentistry - changing the look of your teeth

If you have generally healthy teeth and just need to perfect your teeth and improve your confidence then our option for a dentist in Kloof is just the right fit for you. Payment plans can be arranged for various cosmetic dentistry treatments. It must be noted that cosmetic improvements to the teeth are not covered by dental plans. The most basic lift you can do for your smile would be to whiten your teeth. This gives the added bonus of youth and good hygiene. Our approach to teeth whitening is a blend of at home bleaching with an in office laser treatment. During the treatment, patients will be given custom fit trays which can be used later on to maintain this newly found brightness.

Veneers are another way to change up the look of your teeth. It allows you to straighten and whiten your teeth in one go. Unlike braces that take over 2 years. Veneers can straighten and whiten your teeth in just 2 or 3 appointments over a two week period. Essentially, veneers are thin pieces of porcelain that are attached to the front of your tooth. They improve the appearance because they can be shaped and coloured to give the desired outcome. With dental veneers, gaps and discoloured teeth among other issues can be instantly solved. Porcelain veneers do not stain, so with regard to discoloured teeth, the colouring will remain for its lifespan. It takes just 2 visits to the Silver Oaks option for a dentist in Kloof to fit the veneers, with a follow up visit for a check-up. Click here to learn more about veneers:http://www.silveroaksdentalclinic.co.za/index.php/dental-treatments/veneers

Fixing up problematic teeth

The first solution for fixing problematic teeth at our dentist in Kloof would be the Inman Aligner braces. They are clear when worn and removable so that you can attend that important event or meeting without any thing on your teeth.  They are used for cases where teeth are not overly in need of orthodontic intervention. The Inman Aligner/Clear Aligner is patented and has a case history of straightening teeth between 10 to 16 weeks depending on the severity of the case. The second solution for fixing problematic teeth from the Silver Oaks option for a dentist in Kloof are dental crowns.

Now whereas veneers are placed over the front of the tooth, crowns are placed around the tooth. Dental Crowns are turned to when a patient has lost much of their tooth. This could be due to decay or trauma. The role of the dental crown is to fill up this space and give structure back to the tooth. They do add an aesthetic improvement but they do serve a functional value as well. Dental crowns are milled in-office at Silver Oaks. This means that you could leave with your newly fitted crown in a single visit. Overseas visitors taking advantage of the affordable dental rates at our practice are well suited to our one day cosmetic dentistry services. The third solution does not relate to problematic teeth but when there is no tooth or teeth at all. If you have lost one or all teeth, then all hope is not lost.

Dental implants are your saviour at the Silver Oaks option for a dentist in Kloof. Dr Richard Huson is a specialist when it comes to Implantology. Besides his medical degree from the University of Stellenbosch he has a certificate in Implantology from the University of Cambridge. Dental implants give you back a permanent tooth, negating the need for ill-fitting dentures, but also serves to keep your facial features intact. The earlier they are fitted once the loss of teeth has occurred, results in lesser loss of bone since the implant helps with the jaw bone not shrinking further. Dental implants are the most extreme dental treatment one can have done. Not everybody will qualify and our dentist will have to do a thorough evaluation to ensure that you meet the criteria. If the go ahead has been given, then your treatment plan and quote will be laid out to you. Implants take the course of several months to complete. A damaged tooth may have to be removed and the area healed before the implant can be inserted. The dental implant is surgically inserted into the jaw bone. It takes a couple of months for the implant to become a firm fixture in the bone. Since the implant is well into the bone, an abutment (which is just an extender piece to the implant), will then be attached. The replacement ‘tooth’ is then attached to the abutment. The replacement is simply a dental crown which is manufactured according to detailed instructions at our clinic. It is a long process to get implants but much of the time is for healing. As with all cosmetic dental procedures, but more especially with the permanence of this treatment, you must ensure to choose a dentist with the relevant training and experience for the best possible outcome which is what you should expect to receive at the Silver Oaks option for a dentist in Kloof.

Click here to view more details about dental implants: http://www.silveroaksdentalclinic.co.za/index.php/dental-treatments/dental-implants

Protecting your teeth

Using the Silver Oaks option for dentist in Kloof allows you access to getting Max mouth guards. We sponsor the South African Rugby team and the Sharks Rugby team with Mouth Guards. Mouth guards are essential in any contact sport to protect your teeth along with lessening facial trauma. Unfortunately this is only achieved with a guard that has a proper fit over the teeth. This is what the Max mouth guard serves to do. Silver Oaks is one of the few dentists that offers fitting for the Max mouth guard. The design allows for a custom fit and layers of protection with virtually no interference to your breathing or speech.