How long do dental implants last?

What is the lifecycle of a dental implant?

Dental implants last a lifetime if they are properly cared for like you do your natural teeth. You need to brush floss and mouth rinse twice daily. Go for regular dental cleanings every 6 months. Dental Implants are very technologically advanced today with better more sustainable materials that fit the jaw very well. So dental implants should last a lifetime.

 A recent patient that came to us all the way from Zambia got her dental implant treatment with us. Dr Huson and our dental hygienist have advised her on how to take care of her implants as they have a guarantee of a lifetime if you come to us every 6 months to get your teeth cleaned or go to a dentist nearest to you should you come from abroad. 

how long do dental implants last

Stella came to see us all the way from Zambia. After weeks of doing research on the internet she decided that we were the best cosmetic clinic she could choose. She flew down immediately and met with Dr Huson and his team.

She was very unhappy with her smile for several reasons. Firstly, she had worn her teeth down considerably over the years through grinding. Her teeth became very short and stubby due to this. Secondly, Stella had a gummy smile which she disliked. This meant she showed more gum than teeth when smiling or talking. Thirdly, she had lost a number of teeth and was chewing on her gums or not chewing her food at all. Due to the years of neglect her bite had changed shape and her teeth looked "irreparable." 

Dr Huson used Digital Smile Design to predict the treatment outcome before it was even started. This made Stella even more comfortable as she knew exactly what she was going to get.  

Dr Huson's solution for Stella included dental implantscrown lengtheningdental crowns, bridges  and veneers

Dr Huson with the help of his highly skilled team opened her bite which changed her profile and smile line. Her smile was custom designed by our in house lab and through the latest technology called Digital Smile Design. At the end of the procedure we gave Stella a night guard to wear so that she won't grind her new teeth. 

Stella was ecstatic about the final result. She could not believe how natural her teeth looked. Stella could bite and chew her food again and most importantly her self esteem improved considerably thereby living a better quality of life.
The treatment, once planned didn't take a long time and proved to be fast, accurate and very comfortable with our pain free treatment. 
Stella was very happy that she made the journey all the way to South Africa to get her teeth done at our clinic. 

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5 Ways to Whiten Your Teeth Quickly

5 Ways To Whiten and Brighten Your Smile

There are several misleading articles written by people who are not professional dentists and have NOT spent years studying and understanding the science behind whitening and brightening a person's smile. Several articles about ideas of oil pulling, tumeric, baking powder and apple cider vinegar are false and misleading. They can erode your enamel which will damage your teeth in the long term. There are many incidents were people who use these products have ruined their gums and teeth and entered the emergency room's of their dentists only to be told that they have damaged their teeth in the long term. By following the 5 ways to whiten and brighten your teeth you will not only save time but it will also save you money in the long term.   

Do Not Eat Teeth Staining Foods

The first tip to maintain a healthy white smile is to not eat food that stains your teeth such as curry, red wine, coffe/tea and smoke cigarettes. Prevention is better than cure. 

Brush, Mouth Rinse and Floss Your Teeth Twice A Day

We are all about preventive dentistry. Maintaining a healthy smile in the long term is extremely important as it can save you alot of time and money. Brush and floss daily and visit your dentist twice a year for a cleaning. Mouth rinsing is also very important to do daily. Use a non alcoholic mouthwash such as Colgate or Listerine's non alcoholic mouthwash.

Eat Foods That Are Good For Your Teeth

Milk, yoghurt and cheese can help you maintain a healthy smile due to the calcium and vitamin D properties. It is important to eat such dairy. Chat to your dentist should you be lactose intolerent and he can advise further.  You know what they say an apple a day keeps the dentist away. Apples are like a toothbrush, chewing and biting into an apple can reduce cavity causing bacteria and increase saliva flow. Apples can gently remove plaque trapped between teeth. 

Use Carbamide Peroxide ( A Whitening Agent) 

Carbamide is both safe and effective to use rather than hydrogen peroxide. It lessens teeth sensitivity and is safe and will not erode your enamel. Speak to your dentist about designing a teeth whitening package that will achieve a bright smile for you. Whitening agent's if used under the supervison of the dentist will not only brighten your smile but drastically improve your confidence and quaity of life. 

Visit Your Dentist Twice Yearly 

The dentist is your teeth's best friend. I mean that literally!!! Getting your teeth checked and cleaned twice yearly can make your teeth much more brighterand any concerns can be addressed before it's too late and decay has occured. You will end up spending alot more if your teeth are not maintained. 

Lastly, it is wise to note that most of us are not born with perfect teeth. There are many modern cosmetic dental procedures in 2019 that can enhance and brighten your smile. Chat to your dentist and he might be able to straighten your teeth quickly without braces or replace missing teeth permanently with dental implants. 

Below is a recent patient that under went a cosmetic dental procedure to whiten and brighten her smile. 


tuscany veneers

Tuscany approached Silver Oaks Dental Clinic after researching for several months over the internet on smile makeover options. She decided to get a smile make over to improve her confidence as she spoke face to face with many customers on a daily basis. 

Dr Huson's solution for her teeth included a combination of our famous teeth whitening treatment, crown lengthening and dental veneers.

In order to show a more prominent smile Tuscany had crown lengthening done. Teeth whitening and dental veneers removed her stained teeth and brightened up her beautiful smile. 

The first time that Tuscany stepped into our offices she was greeted by our caring practice manager's Sarah and Marge. Dr Huson and his assistant Christina analysed her smile and discussed possible options with Tuscany regarding her desired look. Dr Huson then went onto providing her with a bespoke treatment plan and quote. Tuscany booked in a study consult with Dr Huson to discuss her treatment plan and using the latest technology in  Digital Smile Design Dr Huson showed her various after pictures of what her potential teeth could look like on a computer. 

On the next appointment teeth cleaning and teeth whitening were carried out first by our thorough and accurate oral hygienist Maggy. Dr Huson prepared Tuscany's teeth for dental veneers. Guided templates and stents were used to ensure that the absolute minimal enamel were removed from Tuscany's tooth surface. (Often as little as 0.1 millimeters or often none at all). Dr Huson then shaped the teeth in preparation for the dental veneers. Before trimming of the enamel Dr Huson discussed the various pain free options with her. Dr Huson then made a model or impression of Tuscany's teeth.

The model was then sent to our onsite lab technicians, who custom made the dental veneers. After a few days Tuscany came back to get the veneers fitted. In the meantime, Dr Huson gave her temporary veneers. These temporary dental veneers match the planned final dental veneers. The reason why we do this is so you can see if you like the fit and feel and ask family and friends for their opinions on the aesthetics of your teeth. 

Tuscany came in again to our clinic where bonding was carried out before the dental veneers were permanently cemented to her teeth, Dr Huson temporarily placed the veneers so that Tuscany could examine the fit and color. Slight adjustments were made at this stage because we have an onsite lab. Next, Dr Huson prepared the teeth to receive the veneers, the teeth were cleaned, polished, and etched -- which roughens the teeth to allow for a strong bonding process. A special cement was applied to the veneer and the veneer was then placed on Tuscany's tooth. Once properly positioned on the tooth, Dr Huson applied a special light beam to the dental veneer, which activates chemicals in the cement, causing it to harden or cure very quickly. The final steps involved removing any excess cement, evaluating Tuscany's bite and making any final adjustments in the veneer as necessary.  Tuscany then came in for a checkup to see if the veneers had taken to her teeth.

Tuscany was extremely happy with the outcome. Her treatment gave her a more trendy, youthful appearance similar to celebrities like Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez. We are so grateful to have been a part of her journey and feel honoured to be helping people change their lives and improve their quality of life. 

Dental veneers start from R5500 per tooth and can go up to R8500 per tooth.  Call us on 031 202 6584 to book your appointment. 


Do Dental Implants Hurt?

Will A Dental Implant Procedure Be Painful?

Having a decayed tooth and toothache is far more painful than any implant procedure. Although inserting dental implants is an operation and the procedure seems rather frightening by inserting titanium screws into the bone. It is surprisingly a painfree procedure and people are back at work the next day. During the procedure there is no pain at all and after the procedure you just need to take your pain killers for a few days and you should be more than fine. Going to work the next day tells you that it is one of the least painful procedures.

The improved quality of life after the procedure outweighs the thought of any temporary pain. You will be able to chew and bite your food and brush your teeth as normal. Like you would brush all your other permanent teeth. No need for messy dentures to remove and clean them day and night. No need to go to the dentist every few years to get new dentures as the other ones have become loose and most importantly you will be able to look years younger as the bone loss is minimal so it is like a free face lift. The improved quality of life outweighs any cons and considering that The American Academy Of Dentists encourages dental implants over dentures a dental implant procedure. 

are dental implants painful

are dental implants painful 1

Sandra came all the way from the USA to get her dental implant treatment done at Silver Oaks Dental Clinic. The cost of the treatment was half the price as compared to the USA whilst at the same time not compromising on quality. She had previously worn out dentures that did not look aesthetically pleasing. She was so fed up of changing them every 5 years due to the loss of bone i.e gum size.

Sandra had researched for several months on the internet before choosing Silver Oaks Dental Clinic. Our good reviews and portfolio of work convinced her that Silver Oaks would be her final choice. Sandra walked out very happy with her new smile and regained confidence. According to her 'Dr Huson went above the call of duty' and his emotional intelligence made him accurately predict exactly what she wanted at every step of the process. According to Sandra, 'Dr Huson's meticulous attention to detail is what sets him apart.

Dr Huson's solution for her teeth included bone grafting and dental implants. Dr Huson first gave Sandra a thorough evaluation during the first consultation, including a:
• Comprehensive dental exam: A 3D scan was taken.
• Treatment plan: Dr Huson had a look at her teeth and jawbone and gave Sandra a treatment plan based on how many teeth needed to be replaced and the condition of her jawbone. It is often a better option to have your teeth replaced with dental implants rather than with dentures. Dental implants keep the height of your jawbone because it keeps the bone stimulated.
A quote was then given to Sandra and explained in detail what it entails. Sandra's second appointment was the dental implant procedure. 
To control pain, anesthesia options during surgery include local anesthesia, Intra-Venous sedation or general anesthesia (GA). Talk to Dr Huson about which option is best for you. Your dental care team will instruct you about eating and drinking before surgery, depending on what type of anesthesia you have. If you're having general anesthesia or IV Sedation, plan to have someone take you home after surgery and expect to rest for the remainder of the day. Dental implant surgery is usually an outpatient surgery performed in stages:
•Sandra's damaged tooth was removed and when there was not one present the implant was placed immediately
•The titanium implant was then placed in the bone and left to heal. The final crown (tooth) can sometimes be placed at this stage but it would depend on the quality and quantity of your bone at the placement.

are dental implants painful 


Dental Implant Quotes

Dental Implant Quotes 

dental implant quotes


dental implantsquotes 1

You will be suprised at how cost effective Dental Implant quotes are even with internationally recognised manufacturers when you take into account the the long term affordability and high quality of life that you will lead. 

If two patients were to come in and get their teeth analysed and have a CBCT scan they both will leave with two different treatment plans and quotes. Dental implant quotes depend on a number of factors, the number of implants one needs, the bone you have in your jaw as well as the shape and structure of the person's teeth. It also depends on the manufacturer that the patient chooses. We work with the top three dental implant manufacturers that are internationally recognised i.e Straumann, Nobelbiocare and Megagen. 

If you get cheap dental implant quotes that are to good to be true.... You know what they say you get what you pay for. Dental Implants have to be done by specialists like Dr Roy Richard-Huson. Dr Huson is a dental surgeon and specialist in dental implants. He has a specialist qualification from the University of Cambridge. Dr Huson also uses the best manufacturers at the best possible price. At the end of the day inserting dental implants is an operation that deals with the nervous system. Only an expert should be inserting dental implants with several years of experience and expertise.

The true cost of alternatives: 

When you first look at your dentures or bridges quote compared to a dental implant quote you will be pleasantly surprised at the dentures/bridges quote. The full costs both financial and emotional is much higher in the long term when going ahead with a dental implant quote. 

Initial Cost Vs Total Costs - Dentures require you to change them every 5 years with a dentist due to the change in bone structure and the more bone you lose the more the denture wont fit. You will also spend more money on fixatures and adhesives with dentures. The American Academy of Dentistry suggests people get dental implants rather than dentures health wise so that you can maintain the positioning your jaw and keep the bone in your mouth. Dental implants allow one to keep the bone. It is the healthiest option possible.

The Convienience Costs - Dental Implants are very convienient from an emotional perspective. You will never have to be scared of your implants falling off unlike dentures and you dont have to clean your implants or soak them over night in a container. Dentures can come off when you laugh or chew and eat. 

cost of implants

A recent implant case above where a patient came from Saudi Arabia to see Dr Roy Richard-Huson.  He came to us hoping to get the smile he always dreamed of and needed to have it done professionally.  He felt very embarassed to smile and very uncomfortable when he use to eat. His dentures would fall out and felt very embarrased. He lost most of his teeth over the years and the ones that he had were broken. Klaus had several implants done at Silver Oaks Dental Clinic. Dr Huson first took before pics so he could analyse Klaus's  teeth using Digital Smile Design. Custom made models were designed for Klaus by on our on-site lab. With just 3-4 appointments Klaus was a new person with a brand new set of teeth. He was very happy as he could bite and chew and live happily again. He also says alot more women have been looking at him as he looks much younger! 

Full mouth dental implants


Straighten Teeth Without Braces

Straighten Teeth Without Braces 

Due to the recent technology and digitization of most industries you can now straighten your teeth without braces.

You can now straighten your teeth without braces in less than 3 months for normal cases. It is more cost effective than braces and saves one the hassle and embarassement of the metal braces showing in your mouth. We have the latest technology as Dr Huson spends alot of time updating his qualifications and going on several courses regularly at the same time he has worked in the Harley Street Region of London in the UK where he dealt with many celebrities and perfected the art of shaping and making teeth look as natural and straight as possible. We also have an in house lab that helps with designing your teeth so that you can straighten  you teeth without braces quickly

There are three methods in order to straighten your teeth without braces.

The first method is Dental Veneers. This is the quickest method as it can take less than 3 weeks to get done. So if you have less time on your hands and would like to straighten your teeth quickly then veneers is the way to go. 

The second method is clear braces (Inman Aligner or Invisalign). This might take around 6 to 12 weeks or more for normal procedures and visits every 2 weeks to the dentist to tighten the mouth guard. This is also a quicker solution to straighten your teeth rather than traditional braces. Although the disadvantage is that it takes longer than dental veneers to get your teeth straightened and more time consuming with additional visits to the dentist. When the dentist analyses your teeth he needs to see if this procedure can be done on your teeth as this procedure can only straighten your teeth and not correct a strong overbite.  

The third method is the traditional braces - this method is the most costly method and you will most probably need to wear braces for over 2 years in order to get your teeth straightened. The look with metal braces in your mouth is also NOT aesthetically pleasing.

The fastest and most cost effective method of the three is Dental Veneers.  Below is a method of both dental veneers and the clear aligner that was used on a recent patient @silveroaksdentalclinic.

When Sinothando came to us she wanted a quick solution to her long term problem and that was to reduce the gaps between her teeth and get them straightened without any long procedures such as braces. She also had peg laterals. In dentistry this refers to an anomly affecting her lateral teeth (Upper second Inscisors) causing her teeth to look abnormally small and cone shaped compared to being rectangular in shape.

straighten teeth

straighten teeth 2

The solution for sinothando was simple orthodontics to pull the two front teeth together thereby straightening them without braces. Veneers were made to reshape the lateral teeth, again it was a solution to straighten teeth without braces.

She also had minimal surgery called a Frenectomy to relax the muscle in her upper lip which causes the formation of the huge gap in the middle of her teeth. The biggest advantage of Sinothando's procedure is that she didnt loose any tooth structure. Sinoathando loves her new teeth and loves to take photographs of herself showing of her new look. Her family say it has made her look more sophisticated and neat. We are very happy that we have helped her regain her confidence.

straighten teeth without braces