3 ways to improve the appearance of your teeth quickly and permanently!

The three most famous cosmetic dental procedures in 2020!

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The three famous cosmetic dental procedures include dental implants, dental veneers and teeth whitening.

Dental Implants:

Dental Implants are the closest you can get to healthy teeth. An implant replaces missing teeth and can help you laugh, smile, eat, chew and talk without worrying about dentures falling out while interacting with others. They integrate with your bone. Dental implants act like artificial tooth roots.

When dental implants are placed in your jawbone they bond with your natural bone. They are the strongest devices to replace missing teeth. They allow these teeth to feel, look and function like your natural teeth.

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Dental Veneers:

Dental veneers are thin covers placed over your teeth. Dental veneers integrate naturally with your real teeth. They are a popular choice for those with chipped teeth, a gap between your teeth or misshaped teeth.

Dental veneers are either porcelain or made of composite resin. Your dentist is the best person to decide on the material that will work for you.  Each type of veneer has its own benefits. For example, Porcelain veneers are strong and long lasting. They are more natural looking, and they do not stain easily. Composite veneers cost less. They are not as natural looking as porcelain veneers.

Click on the link below to ask several vital questions to your dentist before getting dental veneers https://www.silveroaksdentalclinic.co.za/index.php/dental-treatments/veneers

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Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is the most basic cosmetic procedure that almost everyone is doing today.

It is quick and easy and provides a more hygienic, precise look. Teeth whitening is usually done because over the years drinking and eating tooth staining foods and/or smoking changes the natural appearance of your teeth, making you look years older.

A dental cleaning must be carried out first in order to remove debris, plaque etc so that the teeth whitening takes and adheres to your natural teeth. Your teeth can be bleached to an even lighter colour than your original natural colour.

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Top 3 tips for Date Night this Valentine’s Day

Oral Hygiene Date Night Tips

You always want to make sure you look your best for Valentines Day and are kiss ready but most importantly allowing your partner to have a pleasant conversation leaning in and being as close to you as possible on date night.

A person can look great and have a fantastic personality but if that person has bad breath or an unhygienic appearance with regards to their teeth this could be preventing them from finding a spouse or allowing them for their date to say yes to a second date all together.

Top tips for date night include the following:

Start by brushing your teeth before you leave the house. Brush thoroughly including your tongue as it harbours the most number of germs. Use a tongue scraper if need be. Floss your teeth and use a mouth rinse. You can visit your dentist to fix any broken chipped, decayed or missing teeth weeks before valentines or any date night for that matter. You can also whiten your teeth giving it a more clean and youthful appearance.

On date night remember that eating certain foods can cause bad breath such as garlic, onions and other spices. Remember to think twice what you eat during date night especially if you want to leave a positive impression with your date. Snack on apples and other healthy fruit and veggies and eat food containing mint and parsley which help bad breath and probiotic foods.

Other date night tips

  • Use an oxygenated mouthwash
  • Avoid eating alot of candy. Keep it moderate.
  • Stay hydrated
  • Chew on fresh mint leaves or parsley
  • Remember to keep cheese and cow’s milk (if you not lactose intolerant) a part of your nutrition diet intake in order to keep your teeth white.
  • Have some red in your outfit – makes a women more attractive.
  • Make sure you groom yourself well. Which includes washed hair and some light makeup to accentuate your features as a women.
  • Gift ideas for a man include a Cologne or great electric shaver. For women a day at the spa is a real treat.

We have given you tips for Valentine’s Day but honestly the teeth tips can be used as part of your daily oral hygiene routine. Your teeth and gums depend on being consistent and brushing and flossing twice a day and going for regular cleanings to your dentist. Also fixing any problems with your teeth. Straighter teeth harbour less bacteria keeping your teeth clean and lasting you a lifetime.

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Dental Implants South Africa 2020

Dental Implants in South Africa 

Dental implants are half the price in Durban, South Africa and we do not compromise on price as Dr Roy-Richard Huson spent over 20 years in the UK and honed his skills in cosmetic dentistry in the Harley Street Region of London, UK.  

Dr Roy Richard-Huson is one of the world's most renowned cosmetic dentists and highly revered in the industry for designing the best smiles.

He worked in one of the top cosmetic practices in the Harley street area of London. There he gained a huge amount of experience in cosmetic dentistry working at the practice which hosted the BBC's "10 years younger" television series. Here he was trained by Dr Joe Oliver, one of the worlds leading cosmetic dentists to celebrities.

His experience coupled with his qualifications from Cambridge University in the UK and Stellenbosch University in South Africa has made him an expert in the field of cosmetic dentistry and a sought after dental surgeon.

Through his high quality of work complemented by implementing advanced technology he is transforming the dental industry and bringing the best photogenic smiles to his patients.

Click here to see some of his past work :

dental implants south africa

Our Case-Of-The-Month for October is Toy 

When we originally saw Toy she couldn't chew her food properly and was embarrassed to smile. Her jawbone was shrinking due to the loss of teeth over the years and wearing dentures. We did a full smile makeover to improve her confidence and quality of life which made her look years younger. 

Toy had previously worn dentures that did not suite her face structure, age and colour of her skin. The dentures were loose fitting as her jaw bone changed shape over the years due to the loss of bone. Initially we did bone grafting to replace missing bone and then we placed Dental Implants to replace her missing teeth. In order to place the implants, we had to do a thorough examination as to the amount of healthy bone available. We had to also assess risk factors and make use of 3-D scans in order to evaluate the situation ensuring optimal success. Every Dental Implant case is unique. Toy's case was a very complex one. 

By re-adjusting her bite, Toy is now able to chew properly and smile more confidently. Dr Huson skillfully implemented the completion of the total procedure which included Toy wearing temporary crowns in order to assess the look and feel of her teeth first. Once Toy was totally satisfied with her new look the final crowns were placed. 

Toy looked many years younger just by adding dental implants. You might ask how is this possible?

Missing teeth will result to sunken cheeks, which can make you look years older than your actual age. While you can’t necessarily see it, when you have gaps in between your teeth as a result of extraction, your jawbone will begin to shrink.

As a result, your cheeks will sag, and creases will form on your face. Dentures may fill in the gaps in your teeth, but they don’t actually address your shrinking jawbone. The only way to arrest the movement is through dental implants.

In keeping with our promise to use the very latest technology, we have invested in some very high tech digital scanning, milling and 3D printing equipment in the last 3 months which has massively improved how we do things.

What this means for you -

*Much less surgery time for procedures
*Much less anaesthetic needed
*Fewer appointments
* No more horrible gagging impressions
*Same day complete treatments of crowns etc
*Digitally guided implants
* Less trauma
* Quicker healing time of implants
*Minimal post-op pain
*Same day smiles
*Aligning of crooked teeth without braces
*Reduced costs
*Digital Smile Design to test drive smile
*And so much more

We now proudly call ourselves a 100% digital dental practice offering you the highest quality in dentistry that is fast, accurate and more comfortable than ever before!

Email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to book your appointment today! or visit https://www.silveroaksdentalclinic.co.za/index.php/dental-treatments/dental-implants

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dental implants south africa



Lumineers Cost in South Africa

Does the appearance of your teeth matter? Here are the results from a survey statistical wise - 

A National survey done in the US found that one of the first things people notice are your teeth and 73% said that they find people with nice smiles to be more trustworthy. 

Lumineers Cost in South Africa costs less than half the price in the US or UK and not compromising the quality. At a top end practice with an in house lab and the latest technology you are looking at prices that start from R5500 and go up to R9500 per tooth. 

First things first, we have to first discuss the different between lumineers and veneers. Porcelain veneers are thin pieces of porcelain that are custom made to fit your teeth and reshape them if you have cracked, chipped , gaps or need your teeth realigned to be straight and white. You will never have to whiten your teeth ever again with porcelain veneers as that colour will stay forever.  Lumineers is a specific type of porcelain veneers. Lumineers are not recommended at our practice as we find them to be bulky and not as natural looking as our make of porcelain veneers, they also lack in quality compared to the veneers that we use.  We find the make that we use of a much higher quality and more natural looking. Lumineers look false and you can't make proper changes to your teeth with them. 

Porcelain veneers cost in South Africa is similiar to Lumineers and are usually of better quality. A well trained and experienced specialist will minimially remove enamel so that it doesnt damage any nerves or drastically change the original structure of your original teeth. Anyway, the whole point of getting your teeth re-done is due to not liking your original teeth and you will never go back to your original teeth at our practice as we have mapped everything on the computer so that you are able to see the simulation of your 'results' even before they are done as we have the latest technology in smile design so you able to see the 'after pics' on the computer. 

Below is the latest patient that came to us to get her teeth lengthened and more aligned. Improving her smile drastically but still subtle and natural looking. 

Lumineers cost in South Africa

Our Case-Of-The-Month for December is Lucy

Lucy reviewed our smile makeovers on Facebook and approached us after researching on the internet. Our 5 star ratings from our customers, our before and after pics of our patients and our latest technology in digital dentistry convinced her to choose us. 

Lucy wanted a natural looking smile that integrated well with her face shape and colour of her skin. After viewing computer imaging simulations of before and after pics of her potential final look she agreed to go ahead.

Dr Huson's solution for her teeth included crown lengthening and dental veneers in order to give her teeth  a more natural length, shape and proportion. 
The first time that Lucy stepped into our offices she was greeted by our caring practice manager Sarah. Dr Huson and his assistant Christina analysed her smile and discussed possible options with Lucy regarding her desired look. Dr Huson then went onto providing her with a bespoke treatment plan using the latest technology in Digital dentistry. Lucy booked a study consult with Dr Huson whereby photos and models of her teeth were then taken.

Teeth cleaning was carried out first by our thorough and accurate oral hygienist. Dr Huson prepared Lucy's teeth for dental veneers. Guided templates and stents were used to ensure that the absolute minimal amount of enamel was removed from Lucy's tooth surface. (Often as little as 0.1 millimeters or none at all). Dr Huson then removed any evidence of decay and carefully shaped the teeth to correct any chips or gaps. Before trimming of the enamel Dr Huson discussed the various pain free options with her. Dr Huson then made a model or impression of Lucy's teeth.

The model was then sent to our onsite lab technicians, who custom made the dental veneers. After a few days Lucy came back to get the veneers fitted. In the meantime, Dr Huson gave her temporary veneers. These temporary dental veneers match the planned final dental veneers. The reason why we do this is so you can see if you like the fit and feel and ask family and friends for their opinions on the aesthetics of your teeth. 

Lucy came in again to our clinic where bonding was carried out before the dental veneers were permanently cemented to her teeth, Dr Huson temporarily placed the veneers so that Lucy could examine the fit and color. Slight adjustments were made at this stage with the help of our onsite lab. Next, Dr Huson prepared the teeth to receive the veneers, the teeth were cleaned, polished, and etched -- which roughens the teeth to allow for a strong bonding process. A special cement was applied to the veneer and the veneer was then placed on Lucy's tooth. Once properly positioned on the tooth, Dr Huson applied a special light beam to the dental veneer, which activates chemicals in the cement, causing it to harden or cure very quickly. The final steps involved removing any excess cement, evaluating Lucy's bite and making any final adjustments in the veneer as necessary.  Lucy then came in for a checkup to make sure everything is in order.

Lucy is extremely happy with the outcome. Her treatment gave her a more elegant and sophisticated appearance. We are so grateful to have been a part of her journey and feel honoured to be helping people change their lives and improve their quality of life. 

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How to find the best cosmetic dentist near me?

There are several cosmetic dentists who claim that they are the best cosmetic dentists near you. 

These are the following factors that determine qualities of a good cosmetic dentist:


The dentist should have over 20 years of experience and experience in cosmetic cases or areas of speciality such as dental implants. This is one of the factors that will determine the best cosmetic dentist. For example, Dr Roy Richard-Huson spent over a decade in the UK working under world renowned celebrity dentist Dr Joe Oliver. He has learnt to get his basics correct and built on this with experience and going for courses over the years. A cosmetic dentist near me should have cosmetic dentistry experience

Skill Set

The dentist should have experience in the US and UK as these are the top markets for cosmetic dental work as many celebrities and other people have had far more cosmetic procedures done than in other countries. Making your dentist aware of the latest technology and techniques in cosmetic dentistry. They should take courses that specialise in cosmetic dentistry and have a unique skill set that sets them apart from their other dentists.

Continuing Education

The cosmetic specialist should be consistently going for the best cosmetic dental courses in the industry with top renowned specialists hosting these courses. This is one of the major factors in determining the best cosmetic dentist near me.

Positive Testimonials

Best cosmetic dentist near me should have the majority of his testimonials positive and a high Google and social media rating.

Previous work Should Be Successful

 A Cosmetic dentist near me should have all his previous work displayed both before and after pictures to show you the examples of all previous work. Simulations should also be showed both before and after and what could potentially be achieved via cosmetic imaging and Digital Smile Design.

Professionally Affiliated

The cosmetic dentist should be affiliated with the local association as well as international renowned associations.

Latest Technology and In-House Lab

The cosmetic dentist should have all new scanners and latest machines to design your teeth and an in-house lab to custom design them as this improves the quality dramatically and as no two in-house lab designers are the same. You have to have a lab 


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 Email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or click here to learn more and see examples of our other cosmetic work: https://www.silveroaksdentalclinic.co.za/index.php/dental-treatments/veneers