Childrens Dentistry

Looking after your child's teeth is one of the best gifts you can give your child. So many times we hear patients say " I wish my parents had taken me to the dentist earlier in life..."

We provide a fun adn relaxed environment for kids of all ages. Give them the gift of good dental care.By letting your child see a dentist regularly from an early age, you are laying the foundation of good oral health practices. This will enable your child to be confident within themselves as far as dental health goes.

Having regular check ups with a dentist from an early age will also save you from having to pay for expensive treatment later in life if teeth are neglected and untreated.

All our staff at Silver Oaks Dental Clinic have an excellent rapport with children of all ages and being parents themselves, know what it takes to win their confidence. This is why we suggest seeing children for check ups before they have a problem - we always try to make their first experience a pleasant one.

When doing fillings and restorations we try to use non invasive techniques with or without local anaesthetic. We also use Nitrous Oxide Sedation (happy gas), Intravenous Sedation and if necessary, General Anaesthetic.

Our overall aim with children is to make sure that they have an experience which would make them feel confident to come again, thus promoting a lifestyle of optimal oral and general health.

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About Silver Oaks

Silver Oaks Dental Clinic is situated in Musgrave Park located on the Berea in Durban, just 10 minutes drive away from the Gateway Shopping centre in Umhlanga.

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