Digital Dentistry

At Silver Oaks Dental Clinic we are proud to be using only the latest technology available within dentistry today.

Our fully computerised surgery offers -

Digital dental x-rays1. Fully Digital X-rays

This means much less radiation when taking X-rays which offers you more protection. X-rays are developed quicker and are more comfortable for you when being taken.

2. Cerec Bluecam and MCXL milling unit

This machine allows us to make crowns, bridges,veneers, inlays WHILE YOU WAIT. This allows us to fit your crowns etc on the same day so you won't have to come back for another apointment to fit them.

Digital Dentistry PhotographyThere are no impressions to take as the laser scanner takes a photo of the tooth - so no more yucky paste/putty in your mouth!

You don't have to wear a temporary crown for a week as the work is completed ON THE SAME DAY. Its a much less stressful process than before.

The aesthetics are brilliant as the crowns are all made of full porcelein, tooth coloured material It COSTS LESS THAN A STANDARD CROWN would as you don't have to pay any laboratory costs.

Digital Dentistry3. CT Scanner

This machine gives us a 3D image of your jaw/skull. The possibilities are endless - we can now place implants on a scan before we do so in your mouth to make sure they will be placed safely. We can map out your nerves and blood vessels so that any surgery done on you is as safe as can be through 3D manipulation of your skull. We use the CT scanner to create surgical guides milled in Germany which give us pinpoint accuracy as to where we need to place implants etc.

4. Digital Photography

PhotographyThis enables us to see and critique our work much better. It allows us to quickly get opinions from specialist collegues.

It ensures that we are constantly improving our service to you the patient.

5. Cosmetic Imaging

We can manipulate a photograph of your teeth into different possibilities of what certain cosmetic treatments may be able to achieve for you.

This gives you a simulation of what you may look like after treatment. Together with the dentist you can then agree on a course of treatment to suit your needs - without having to touch / drill a tooth.


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